Sterilex EZBlend System

Disinfect food contact surfaces. Clean environmental areas. Remove biofilm from drains.
The Sterilex EZBlend System helps you do it all.


  • Complete system – dispense, blend, & apply 2-part Sterilex products at the labeled rate.
  • Color coded – user-friendly system keeps solution 1 and 2 separate until foamed.
  • Foam unit dilutes on the fly – no more wasted solution.
  • Pre-set dilution rates – accurate and repeatable, with no setup.
  • Multi-use – environmental cleaning, surface disinfection, drain foaming, and more.
  • Custom designed – unique system developed in partnership with Sterilex to ensure performance.
  • Fast and easy to use – labor and time savings.
  • Increased safety – less user interaction with chemical.

Dispense, Blend, & Apply

EZBlend Chemical Transfer Unit

  • Transfer Sterilex from drums to EZBlend Foam Unit without drum pumps
  • User-friendly color coding corresponds to Sterilex solution 1 and 2
  • Transfer at up to 3.5 gal/min (13.2 l/min)
  • Viton pump seals for compatibility with Sterilex
  • Tool-free pump changes with our quick-change pump bracket
  • Chemically-resistant TPE hose
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EZBlend Chemical Transfer Unit >>


EZBlend Foam Unit

  • Pre-set to dilute Sterilex products at labeled rate of 1:1:10 to 1:1:8 – no setup required
  • No need to pre-mix solution – only activate what you use, as you use it
  • Includes two 5 gallon chemical jugs
  • Save time with fewer chemical refills – two 5 gallon jugs of concentrate will make 45-50 gallons (170-189 liters) of solution. Just refill the water tank and keep foaming
  • Foam wand with fan tip for efficient surface coverage – ideal for environmental cleaning and disinfecting food contact surfaces
  • Quick connect wand for compatibility with FOAM-iT drain foaming attachments
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