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Drain Sanitation Systems

360° contact.  Increased dwell time.
Foam is the perfect solution for drain cleaning – and our equipment makes it easy. 

How it Works

1. Fill

Dual product mixing station blends and dilutes 2-part chemical products.

2. Transport

Portable foam unit and drain foam attachment deliver foam to drains.

3. Foam

Foam fills drain, pushing past trap and providing 360° contact along pipe walls.

Advantages of Foam

Pathogens and biofilm can accumulate in drains,
especially on drain walls above the normal fluid level.

Foam provides 360° contact along
pipe walls for maximum sanitation.

See Foam in Action


Watch what happens when you foam a drain.

  • Unlike liquids, foam expands to contact the entire surface of the pipe
  • Foam can push past the trap and travel long distances
  • Foam breaks down slowly, giving your chemical longer to work



Food & Beverage Processing

  • Drains can harbor Listeria monocytogenes and other pathogens that compromise food safety
  • Cleaning drains with brushes or high-pressure spray can cause pathogens to aerosolize



Restaurants & Hospitality



  • Drains can harbor pathogens connected to hospital-acquired infections (HAI)
  • Studies show pathogens can spread through interconnected plumbing systems
  • Drains are a critical part of environmental services and infection control programs
  • Acute care, hospitals, long term care, elder care, residential facilities







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